Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Employers – Workers’ Compensation

Q: How do I request a workers' compensation certificate?
Q: How do I request a waiver of subrogation endorsement with a workers' compensation certificate?

A: Call us at (941) 347-8625 or email for guidance.

Employers – Payroll

Q: How do I submit payroll online?

A: Call us at (941) 347-8625 or email to get setup for online payroll submission.

Q: What payroll taxes am I responsible for?

A: Federal: FICA (Medicare and Social Security), FUTA (Employer-paid); State: SUTA (Employer-paid)

Employees – Address Changes

Q: I'm no longer employed but need to change my address so I receive my W-2.

A: Call us at (941) 347-8625 or email for assistance.

Employees – W-2s

Q: Where does my W-2 come from?

A: W-2s are processed through Acline HR.

Q: How do I receive my W-2?

A: W-2s are mailed directly to each employee at their address on file with Acline HR.

Q: Is my W-2 available online?

A: W-2s are available online. Your employer must sign up for online payroll which will allow you to access our employee portal.

Employees – W-4s

Q: How do I change the amount of Federal tax that is deducted from my pay check?

A: Complete a new W-4 and email it to Acline HR.

Employees – Direct Deposit

Q: How do I change my direct deposit?

A: Complete the Direct Deposit Form for Payroll and email it to Acline HR.

Q: Why do I have to submit a voided check or bank direct deposit form to Acline in addition to completing the direct deposit form?

A: Acline HR requires this extra documentation to ensure your paycheck is deposited to the correct account. Not including this documentation will delay the processing of your direct deposit request.

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