Acline Care Benefit Solutions

Group Core Products

Client Sponsored Major Medical

  • National and Regional carriers
  • Choose from multiple ACA-compliant plans
  • Online access to health information, claims and resources
  • Access to Wellness Program guidance, tool-kits, and more

Supplemental Medical Expense (GAP)* – Beazley

  • Covers out of pocket, co-insurance, and co-pay costs for services such as treatment in an emergency room, ambulance, diagnostic imaging (eg. MRIs), outpatient procedures, chemo/radiation therapy and more.
  • Benefits coordinate with major medical plans and directly with providers and facilities, allowing for little to no money due up front at time of services.
  • Guaranteed issue, no preexisting limitations

Dental* – MetLife

  • More than 385,000 participating dentist access points
  • PPO and Managed Dental options with various coverage levels, including orthodontia.
  • Plans with no waiting period available.

Vision* – MetLife

  • 95,000+ points in the network, including private practice and retail center locations with 94% offering extended and weekend hours
  • Services covered include comprehensive exams, retinal imaging, materials/eyewear, and standard corrective lenses.
  • No ID card or in-network claims forms needed.
  • Additional discounts on non-prescription sunglasses and laser vision correction

Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment* – MetLife

  • High Guaranteed Issue Coverage Amounts
  • Waiver of Premium Feature
  • Conversion, Portability, and Grief Counseling included

Supplemental Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment* – MetLife

  • Coverage available up to $200,000
  • Waiver of Premium and Accelerated Benefit features
  • Includes Will Preparation Services and MetLife Estate Resolution Services SM

Group Worksite Products*

Short Term Disability – Allstate

  • Pays up to 60% of monthly earnings, after the elimination period, for a total disability due to sickness or injury.
  • Benefits are also payable for partial or recurrent disability, and disabilities due to pregnancy and organ transplant procedures.
  • Features include Waiver of Premium and portability privileges.

Accident – Allstate

  • Pays lump-sum cash directly to participant for initial hospital confinement. Additional daily benefit for hospital and intensive care confinement.
  • Cash benefits coverage for injuries such as dislocation and fractures, x-rays and ground/air ambulance, and emergency room services.
  • Additional coverage for other medical services & treatments such as skin grafts, burns, anesthesia, eye surgery, pain management, outpatient physician’s treatment and more!
  • Guaranteed coverage for employees and dependents, no medical questions!
  • Portability for continuation of coverage.

Cancer & Specified Disease – Allstate

  • Pays cash directly to participant for cancer and 29 specified diseases including private duty nursing services, at home nursing, and hospice care.
  • Also includes many more benefits for covered services such as radiation/chemotherapy, blood, plasma and platelets, bone marrow or stem cell transplant, and surgery for treating a diagnosed cancer or specified disease.
  • Guaranteed Issue coverage for the employee and all dependents during initial enrollment
  • Waiver of Premium feature included.

Critical Illness – Allstate

  • Pays cash directly to participant for covered medical conditions including heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, end stage renal failure, Coronary Artery Bypass surgery and more.
  • Cash benefits can be used for travel expenses while receiving treatment in another city or even living expenses such as mortgage, rental payments, bills, electricity and gas.
  • Plan features include access to PinnacleCare health advisory support and portability privileges.

Group Affinity Programs*

TicketsAtWork –

  • Entertainment discounts program and special access include theme parks and attractions such as Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Studios®, Las Vegas and New York City shows, Disneyland®, SeaWorld®, Six Flags, and Cirque du Soleil!
  • Additional savings on car rentals, hotels, tours, movie tickets, sporting events, and other special events.

MetLaw® –

  • Hyatt Legal services access to a national network of 14,000+ experienced attorneys
  • Coverage for a wide range of legal matters, including wills and estate planning documents, real estate matters, debt issues, traffic defense, family law, power of attorney, identity theft, and elder care matters.
  • No out-of-pocket costs, no claim forms, no usage limits, and a money-back guarantee.

LibertyID –

  • Available to employees regardless of hours worked
  • Protection offered for identity theft and credit monitoring services.
  • 100% success rate for restoring stolen identities and money back guarantee on all service fees.


  • The nation’s largest Veterinary Discount Plan! All pets are accepted, regardless of type, age or health condition.
  • Discounts on all medical services provided by network veterinarians, including office visits, surgical procedures, x-rays, shots, and dental care.
  • Discounts at participating merchants on basics such as food, treats, medications, supplies, and more.
  • Available to employees regardless of hours worked.


  • Offers brand name pet prescriptions (Rx), preventatives, and at wholesale prices for cats and dogs at 50,000+ nationwide pharmacies including Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid.
  • Not network based – prescriptions can be filled online with free delivery or picked-up
  • Access a vet specialist 24/7 via email, chat or phone.
  • Available to employees regardless of hours worked.

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